Barry Hall Slammed By Wife Lauren Brant On Instagram


Former AFL footballer Barry Hall’s wife Lauren Brant has unleashed upon her husband via social media after he reportedly made an offhand comment to her about parenting.

The former Hi-5 actor took her instagram page saying that Hall had told her to “enjoy the time to yourself” as she left home for her six-week check-up after giving birth to their second child.

And she did not hold back in her scathing assessment of the Sydney Swans premiership player’s comment.

“Because now apparently, as a mum of 2 — ‘time to myself’ is a situation where I get to drive in the car with 1 child instead of two (yay for me),” she said.

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“Have a little lie down… my birth wounds & lady parts can be poked and prodded (with a surprise Pap smear).

“Have a nice chat… about how to poo postpartum & massage infected ducts in my breast (but at least it was another grown up human).

“And enjoy the quiet drive home in the rain… oh but with a quick emergency stop to feed a crying baby!”

Brant, 30, said she was “very rejuvenated after my ‘time to myself’ — so much so that I managed to have full energy to look after my other sick child stress free, bath the kids, make dinner, clean the house & work through my list of chores that have been sitting on my table for 8 weeks! I bloody wish!”

The couple have had a colourful history in the public eye, both leaping to the defence of each other at various points in their relationship.

Brant went into bat for Hall when he was sacked by Triple M last year for making vulgar comments on live radio.

Hall has also previously spoken out about his wife’s resilience in the face of negative criticism by the media.


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