A$AP Rocky Is Being Held In A Swedish Prison Under Inhumane Conditions


It has been described as ‘disease-ridden’, ‘inhumane’ and likened to a toilet.

A$AP Rocky is being held in a Swedish jail where he is sleeping on a “yoga mat with no blankets” covered in human faeces, TMZ is reporting, as he awaits a decision from prosecutors on whether he will be charged with aggravated assault.

A$AP Rocky has been imprisoned two weeks following a brawl in Stockholm on June 30, where he and his entourage were physically attacked.

The jail was described as not being fit for human beings, where inmates are served inedible food — the rapper is said to be eating just one apple per day, sources have told TMZ.

A$AP Rocky is a respected name in rap and fashion, and was once rumoured to have dated supermodel Kendall Jenner.

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Sweden’s Supreme Court this week rejected an appeal by the rapper against his detention, despite his lawyer’s plea that the star was not a flight risk, and protests demanding his release.

Last week, a Swedish district court ruled that A$AP Rocky should be kept in custody while prosecutors investigate the brawl, putting on hold the Praise the Lord rapper’s current European tour.

A$AP Rocky’s lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja immediately challenged the decision but it was rejected by the court of appeals.

The lawyer told his client subsequently lodged an appeal at the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court only accepts a fraction of cases submitted, taking only those it thinks will provide guidance for the lower courts.

The district court had agreed with prosecutors that Mayers was a flight risk and so should be kept in custody during the investigation.

But Olsson Lilja said the prosecutor had not justified the flight risk argument, and the continued custody also needed to be weighed against the consequences for his client — both issues that could interest the Supreme Court.

“They haven’t tried this issue in this way before,” he added. However the request was promptly denied on Monday afternoon, with the Supreme Court stating that it found “no reason” to review the case, local media reported.

However, the district court’s decision means A$AP Rocky can be held in custody for two weeks, while the case is investigated. After that, it would require another hearing to extend his detention.

The rapper has already had to cancel shows in Norway, Poland, Ireland and Britain.

Fans, as well as fellow musicians, have publicly urged Swedish authorities to release him.

Rapper Travis Scott shouted “Free Rocky” during his performance at a London festival where A$AP Rocky was also scheduled to perform.

Others have taken to social media under hashtags like #FreeRocky or #FreeFlacko, invoking the rapper’s nicknames.


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