Married At First Sight’s Tracey Jewel Ordered To Pay Ex $20,000


Tracey Jewelwas ordered to pay more than $20,000 to her ex-boyfriend Patrick Kedemos, plus 6 per cent interest and legal fees, in Perth Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Investment banker Kedemos, who describes the judgment as “a moral victory”,said he loaned the amount to Jewel last year, after she cried she was broke and he felt sorry for her.

Emails that formed part of the application reveal Jewel offered Kedemos a part payment plan of $250 a month in March, claiming she was unable to work due to “ongoing mental health problems”, she had a debt arrangement with two other creditors and that her retired parents were financially supporting her.

“If Patrick won’t accept a payment plan then I have no choice but to file bankruptcy … I will start these proceedings on Monday — does Patrick understand if I do that he won’t be paid at all,” Jewel wrote to his lawyer.

Jewel, 36, told Confidential, on Friday, she had been holidaying in the US with her boyfriend Nathan Constable since May 29 and was only notified of Kedemos’ application on June 10, so was unable to defend it.

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Jewel and Constable have been sharing photos of themselves on social media throught the trip, including dining at a Michelin star restaurant in New York, sipping on cocktails at bars, relaxing by the pool and visiting the Disney World Resort.

“Hands down the holiday of my dreams,” she wrote in one post, before lamenting she was not “in a situation” to travel with her daughter, Grace.

“This post is for my not so little girl Grace.. although I’m in a situation that doesn’t allow me to travel with her internationally and I’m sure a lot of divorced families can relate to my situation,” she wrote.

The couple have been sharing photos of themselves dining out at a Michelin star restaurant in New York and sipping on cocktails at bars.


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