End Banditry In Two Weeks, Zamfara CP Orders Miyetti Allah


Zamfara State Police Commissioner, Usman Nagogo has a given fourteen day final offer to Miyetti Allah to end banditry exercises or face the fierceness of the laws.

Addressing leaders of of Miyetti Allah during a compromise meeting held at J.B Yakubu secretariat Gusau on Monday June 24, the Commissioner said Zamfara has had enough of banditry exercises, approaching the Fulani desperados to grasp harmony and give up their weapons.

The Commissioner requested that the Fulani chiefs call their kin to request and stop all types of banditry and other crimes or face the full anger of the law.

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He accused the Fulani chiefs for all barbarities being submitted by the highwaymen, as per him, they have not taken enough measures to call their subjects to arrange regardless of the compromise accord marked by both the Fulani and ranchers in the state.

The Commissioner kept up that the volunteer gatherings have since given up in excess of 9000 weapons in an offer to grasp harmony, bemoaning that, the Fulani steers rearers were yet to do as such.

Responding to the chief’s discourse, the Sarkin Fulani Zamfara, (pioneer of the Fulani), Alhaji Ahmed Mutawalle stated, “Fulani are harmony adoring individuals”.

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The Sarkin Fulani said Fulani herders were exposed to all types of scares and provocation by ranchers who have kept on infringing and develop munching grounds and steers courses implied for cattlemen.

As per Sarkin Fulani, the refusal of the ranchers to empty brushing terrains was one of the elements that added to the present instability issues, focusing on that, “This was the start of ranchers Fulani conflict which prompted response assaults lastly transformed into furnished banditry”.

He expressed anyway that, furnished banditry must be viably controlled if the state government swam in and constrained ranchers to move out of nibbling lands and enable herders to move unreservedly with their cows in the munching territories.


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