Lizzo Reveals She’s Depressed In Her New Instagram Post


Lizzo sparked a welcome conversation yesterday on her Instagram.

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, stage name, Lizzo shared a self-facing video, obscuring her face with a finger so that the overlay text fell into focus. “I’m depressed and there’s no one I can talk to because there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Life hurts,” she said.

The rapper, accompanied the post with a caption which spurred an outpouring of love and support, as well as personal stories from fans and friends.

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Lizzo, 31, returned later with another video, featuring her face in full: “I’ve used sadness so constructively in the last two years; ever since I’ve been working on being emotionally honest, I’ve used sadness as a tool for gratitude,” Lizzo said in the video, crying.

She continued in the since-deleted video, “It’s humbling and I’m grateful that I’m able to feel these emotions because I know that because of this sadness I’m going to be able to feel joy.”

The caption went on to ask: “What triggers your sadness? What do you do when those buttons are pushed? What do you love about yourself in those moments of darkness?”


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