Madonna Talks About Running For President At Intimate Fan Event


Legendary pop star, Madonna sat down with fans for a conversation moderated by co-hosts Cubby Bryant and Christine Nagy, from iHeartRadio’s 106.7 Lite fm, where she spoke about her inspirations for the album.

About her struggle with social media, she said: “Instagram is great, but it’s a lie. It’s not reality,” she said of what she considers a “confusing” social media trend. “I didn’t grow up with a phone. I didn’t grow up as an artist with social media.

So I feel really lucky to have been able to develop as an artist without having to feel like I had to be like somebody else, look like somebody else or dress like somebody else.

I was allowed to develop and be my own person and be unique. That’s a privilege that a lot of kids don’t have now. They don’t even know it, like my own kids.”

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About fan’s suggestion that she run for president. During an iHeartRadio listening party in New York, she said: “Oh God, you don’t want me in the White House.” I really feel like being the president is not a good way to get things done.

And you have to be so diplomatic that you can’t actually — I mean maybe I would change all that. People don’t want to offend anyone that they just, I guess, no, no Donald Trump hasn’t really thought about that.”


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