Rihanna’s Struggle With Self-assurance: Interview Magazine


Presenting provocatively in a panther bodysuit and gazing into the focal point through a white cowhide cover, it appears to be two-faced for Rihanna to allude to herself as “bashful”.

However the Barbadian star insists that in spite of her notoriety for over-the-top outfits and sexy photo shoots, despite everything she battles with certainty.

In a noteworthy article in Interview magazine, the 31-year-old uncovers her little-known character attribute. The singer presented in a white gimp veil for the American production and leant into a couch wearing just a skin-tight bodysuit, a hide scarf and stilettos as a component of a scandalous photograph shoot.

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At the point when gotten some information about her was, Rihanna uncovered she is less outgoing than she appears.

“People don’t have a clue about that I’m modest,” she said. “Since I sort of imagine it’s not occurring, individuals read me as being certain.

“However, I’m so modest I don’t need you to realize I’m bashful.”

Rihanna, who has won nine Grammy Awards in a 14-year music profession, has progressed toward becoming nearly as acclaimed for her aroma, unmentionables and magnificence lines as her acting and singing.

“I don’t have a rest design,” she said. “I have rest pockets. I fit it in when I can.”


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