Regina Daniels Shows Off Her Newly Tattooed Body

Image: Regina Daniels


Nollywood star, Regina Daniels seems to have caught a new obsession after her wedding.

The beautiful teenager who got married to billionaire Ned Nwoko has been an internet sensation since her betrothal to the international lawyer turned politician.

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Regina who is found of sharing photos of her posing by her husband’s state-of-the-art cars has found a new obsession, her body, which she recently tattooed in different areas.

Image: Regina Daniels.
Image: Regina Daniels.
Image: Regina Daniels.

To show of her latest acquisition she poses in such ways that makes the inked part of her body obvious to everyone seeing her photos. Conspicuously, Regina has tattoos on her wrist, her arm, leg, and her chest.



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