Flying Eagles Finally Agree To Leave Poland After Pay Dispute


Nigeria U20 team, the Flying Eagles will fly out of Poland on Wednesday after a contest about extra installments at the Fifa Under-20 World Cup was verbally settled.

The team were because of leave on Tuesday after a 2-1 loss to Senegal in the round of 16, however the squad wouldn’t leave their inn in Lodz after the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) neglected to pay about US$5,000 per player reward.

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This prompted players and authorities missing their booked flights to Abuja and are currently wanting to leave on Wednesday.

The NFF has guaranteed they will be paid on their arrival to Nigeria however in spite of the affirmations the players stayed attentive.

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“It’s been verbally settled now and we have touched base in the city of Warsaw,” one of the players disclosed to BBC Sport.

“We were guaranteed $2,000 in rewards and our camp recompense of $100 every day, tragically we never got anything and to think our mentors are being owed compensation as well.

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“After what occurred here it’s hard to believe anybody when we return home, however we have chosen to leave on Wednesday in the wake of consoling words from the NFF general secretary Mr Sanusi (Mohammed)”

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Pay lines have frequently encompassed Nigerian teams, with coaches not paid consistently, while players have recently boycotted preparing during significant qualifiers or at real competitions over unpaid reward.


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