CAN Backs Obasanjo On Islamisation, Fulanisation Of Nigeria Agenda


The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has said the dread raised by Formal President, Olusegun Obasanjo on Islamisation and Fulanisation is real and ought to be taken serious by concerned Nigerians.

CAN national director, legal and public affairs, Evang. Barrister Samuel Kwamkur, expressed this in Jos while instructions writers on the State of the Nation, The Nation reports.

Samuel Kwamkur photo.

He stated: “If what Obasanjo said should be doubted, what is the justification for the community cleansing by killer Fulani herdsmen who jump on innocent communities in the night and consequently slaughtering them and assuming control over their communities?

We never observed any broad advances taken to bring these executioner herders to book! How might you legitimize the government’s foundation of a radio station for Fulani?”.

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Kwamkur praised the Obasanjo’s intensity to stand in opposition to the frailty the nation over.

He stated: “We wonder what will end up being the destiny of Nigeria and Nigerians whenever regarded and intense pioneers like Obasanjo are no more there to talk.”

“The formal president has spoken the psyche of numerous individuals and we ask that he ought to never be scared by government for harmony.

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“CAN trusts that the establishment for Islamisation of Nigeria has since been laid by the producers of the Nigeria Constitution and some past pioneers of Nigeria. Specific models are the arrangements made in the constitution for the task of Sharia laws and courts.

This makes the precedent-based law and the sharia law to work in a similar constitution.

“This normally has isolated the country into two and sets the tone for Islamization.

The ramifications of this situation is perplexity. Moreover, as we have said previously, the enlistment of Nigeria, (a mainstream state) as an individual from Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) by military fiat is a further affirmation of conscious Islamization of the nation,” Kwamkur said.

Talking on the dimension of weakness, he said the expansion and extension of the exercises of revolts, furnished crooks, equipped theft, hijackers, herders appears to have proceeded with unabated.

He approached government to be sufficiently strong to assume liability and be earnest in giving persuading enduring arrangements.

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“The circumstance whereby the administration will prevent the expanding rate from claiming frailty while the security spending keeps swelling up with increment in losses among the security agents, increment in number of unfortunate casualties and cry by networks is troubling and calls for genuine reflections.

“There is earnest requirement for the formation of state police as the significant answers for consummation this current networks’ attacks by supposed obscure shooters.”

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“The failure of the national government to guarantee the arrival of Leah Sharibu and other stole casualties of Boko Haram gives us restlessness.

One of the cardinal guarantees of President Buhari’s organization is the conclusion to the rule of fear mongering and guaranteeing the discharged of caught casualties of radicals yet the principal residency wound up without accomplishing maximally such outcome,” Kwamkur expressed.


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