President Buhari Returns To Nigeria After Attending OIC Summit In Saudi Arabia


Nigerian leader’s plane contacted down in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja around few hours after it took from Jeddah in kingdom of Arabia.

Presidential representative, Garba Shehu  likewise recorded a portion of the exercises that President Buhari took an interest in at the summit. He additionally recorded his entries there.

Garba Shehu tweeted: “While tending to the Summit, President Buhari expressed gratitude toward the OIC for its different intercessions under the Special Program for the Development of Africa and the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development.

“As indicated by President Buhari, the powerful intercessions of the different OIC establishments, especially the Islamic Development Bank, had been successful in such key areas as exchange and venture, agribusiness, country improvement and sustenance security, in Nigeria and crosswise over Africa.

“In Nigeria, the Islamic Development Bank underpins our National Food Security Program and the different street and school restoration extends over the six geopolitical zones and the development of second Niger Bridge.

“At the summit, President Buhari communicated certainty that the proceeded with help of Nigeria’s multilateral accomplices, eminently the OIC’s the Islamic Development Bank Group, will be most required as we intensified endeavors towards accomplishing fast financial improvement.


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