R. Kelly Faces 11 New Sex Crime Charges


Court records reportedly show they relate to sexual assault and abuse of a minor aged between 13 and 16, and if proven carry far heavier sentences than the others he faces. Source: BBC.

This comes a very long time after the R&B craftsman was accused of 10 tallies of exasperated criminal sexual maltreatment. He argued not blameworthy and has been discharged on safeguard.

Talking with the press, his legal counselor Steve Greenberg said the most recent charges did not identify with another case. “He was revived in a current case, same affirmed injured individual and time (10 years back) It changes nothing,” he composed on Twitter.

“These are a similar lead, simply charged in an unexpected way, same affirmed unfortunate casualty, same time period, same certainties. We anticipate similar outcomes,” the attorney included.

Chicago Tribune journalist Megan Crepeau likewise detailed that four of the new charges laid against him are the most genuine lawful offense class in the province of Illinois, and convey an obligatory six to 30-year sentence.

Four charges are for irritated criminal rape, two for rape and five for bothered criminal sexual maltreatment.


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