Pop Star ‘Cliff Richard’ leaves UK

The pop star, Cliff Richard has moved to New York since he enjoys the “obscurity” of America, his companion Gloria Hunniford says.

Richard has recently told how the injury of BBC inclusion of the police pursuit of his Berkshire home in 2014, after a case of verifiable rape, had left him sincerely depleted.

The 78-years old star, was not arrested and charges were never brought, and he won a security body of evidence against the BBC a year ago.

In any case, Richard has now left the UK for good, with Hunniford disclosing to The Sun paper: “Precipice won’t return and live here.

“He has made that bounce now. He was frustrated with what occurred.”

She said he “prefers the obscurity in America”, including: “A few people remember him yet he doesn’t get it all the time as he does here.”

Television moderator Hunniford, a long-lasting companion of Richard, said he “cherishes returning to perform once in a while and is anticipating playing summer demonstrates this year”.

Be that as it may, she said she doesn’t figure he will ever come back to live in the UK full-time again.

Richard has recently talked about how the 2014 strike and the accompanying fight in court negatively affected him.

In November, he told LBC: “I think the vast majority realize that what I have experienced has been entirely horrendous emotionally…. It’s been shocking.

“I at last feel that I left that mud and soil, and I’m here again and I’m doing what I’m best at truly and what I appreciate most.

“In this way, in the event that I do sound progressively energized, it’s presumably in light of the fact that I am.”


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