Couple Says Dianas Death, Not An Accident


An American couple who state they saw the auto collision that executed Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and their escort Henri Paul state that her demise was “no mishap”.

Robin and Jack Firestone state they saw the outcome of the fender bender in the Pont de’ l’Alma burrow, Paris, on August 31, 1997, and they revealed seeing two dull autos at the scene.

They disclosed to The that they were halted by British and French experts in giving declarations on the grounds that the data they offered brought up issues about the accident.

Image: Jerome Delay

Robin Firestone says she saw two dull and puzzling vehicles that ceased before Diana’s Mercedes and she trusts they were engaged with the accident.

The Firestones, alongside their 11-year-old child Brandon, had entered the passage in Paris only minutes after the accident. They were in the back of a taxi while in transit to their lodging.

As their taxi dismantled up to the annihilated Mercedes S280, Robin, presently 63, saw two “formal” autos before Diana’s.

“It emerges in my brain so clearly right up ’til the present time,” Robin told the Express.

“I couldn’t comprehend why they were there. They took a gander inconsistent with what had occurred. I saw those darks vehicles, and they more likely than not entered in front of Diana’s.

“They were simply clumsily stopped, and I don’t review anybody being in them. The two vehicles must drive in front of Diana’s vehicle. They then ­buried all reference to them, yet they were there.”

At the season of the accident, the Firestones did not understand who was in the vehicle.

The riddle vehicles have never been followed.

The Firestones saw no crisis ­services movement at the scene so they expected that the mishap had happened some time already, not minutes sooner.

“There was just one cop remained at the vehicle and a great deal of ­photographers,” Jack Firestone told Express.

“He was going about as though it didn’t appear to be a crisis by any stretch of the imagination. We thought the survivors had just been taken off to the medical clinic.”

It wasn’t until the following morning that they understood the blonde lady they had seen was Princess Diana.

Robin said that when she offered her declaration to experts she was told “They have enough observers. Try not to stress over it.”


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