Pope Francis Accepts Resignation Of Brazilian Bishop


Catholic Pope Francis has acknowledged the renunciation of Brazilian priest Vilson Dias de Oliveira, the Vatican said Friday in an announcement.

The diocesan is under scrutiny for supposed blackmail of ministers in his see, and the concealing of sexual maltreatment cases, as per Brazilian media reports.

Dias de Oliveira purportedly secured a minister blamed for administrative maltreatment.

The cleric admitted to police in April that he had swiped $4,000 (€3,580) from ward assets for individual use, disclosing to them he did as such in light of the fact that he was having monetary challenges, the reports said.

The Vatican dependably declares when Francis has acknowledged the acquiescence of a diocesan, however never clarifies why.

“Dear siblings and sisters, as of late we have needed to shoulder a wide range of crosses through assaults against our Limeira church, against me and different presbyters,” Dias de Oliveira said in an announcement.

“I recognize my constraints, however I additionally convey in my heart all the adoration I have gotten from the great individuals of God.

“I approach to leave for the love of Christ and for the benefit of the ward,” he said in the letter distributed by the bishopric of Limeira, a city in the Sao Paulo state in southern Brazil.

The Catholic Church has been shaken by a worldwide administrative pedophilia outrage, with exploited people approaching in nations extending from Australia to Chile, Germany and the United States.

Pope Francis passed a milestone new measure this month to oblige the individuals who think about sex maltreatment in the Church to report it to their bosses, in a move which could uncover endless new cases.


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