Nigeria’s Ex-prez Rejects Bribery Claims: ‘I Have No Investments Abroad’


Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Nigeria’s previous president has formally reacted to pay off charges leveled against him by the government in an oil embarrassment dating eight years back.

As per filings in a London court hearing the said case, the Nigerian government had charged Jonathan and his at that point oil pastor of taking hush-money and overstepping the nation’s laws to expedite the $1.3 billion oil bargain.

In his reply, Jonathan expelled every one of the cases as among others; deception, shabby and unsurprising ploy by the administration to divert from its failings and to discolor his picture at once his profile kept on taking off.

The May 12 proclamation issued by his media consultant, Ikechukwu Eze, read to some degree: We will rapidly reject this report as a reused misrepresentation that is glaringly exploitative, shabby, and unsurprising.

In spite of the fact that there is just the same old thing new in this created renumeration guarantee which we had severally exposed before, we will keep on repeating the accompanying certainties:

Previous President Goodluck Jonathan did not request or gather any rewards, neither has he been charged for asking or gathering fixes, neither will he ever be accused of requesting or gathering influences, in light of the fact that such never occurred.

That this specific contest originated before the Jonathan organization and endures it.


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