New Attack On church Claims Life Of Priest, Others In Burkina Faso


Reports from Burkina Faso show that shooters raged a congregation amid mass in an assault that prompted the passing of six individuals including a cleric.

It turns into the second assault on a congregation in only weeks since 2015, the date of the primary jihadist assaults on Christian and Muslim offices in the West African nation.

The assaults occurred in Dablo situated in the Sanmatenga Province in the nation’s inside. The present assault returns on the of a comparative one in late April 2019 which additionally executed five individuals.

Security and neighborhood reports affirmed that the April assault occurred in Silgadji, 60 km from Djibo, the capital of Soum area in the north of the nation.

“Unidentified equipped people assaulted the Silgadji Protestant Church, murdering four admirers and the chief minister. At any rate two other individuals are feeling the loss of,” the AFP news office cited a source as saying at the time.


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